Welcome to Studio Basic


Great architecture transcends style or trend. We are forward thinking young pratice & we are really trying to build the pratice of the feture. Our work is inspired by our investment in the qualities of our client's lifestyle and charater of their sites. We respond to our client's values in concert with the ecology, culture and history of their sites by providing.

Architecture that delights. We are masters of form, space, balence, proportion, rhythm, scale, light and contrast.

Function living. We explore your lifestyle to create a home that responds to your needs & enhances your life quality.

Individuality. We listen to your desires and dreams and create a home that reflects your personality and your values.


Customer homes

Designing a customer home from the ground of each exciting it's the opportunity get things right from the beginning and make every aspect your very own.



Remodeling breathes new life into a house. And while choosing to remodel involves investment it's also an expression of the emotional connections we have to our homes.


Interior Designing

Thoughtful interior design infuse our architecture practice. Our penchant for interiors-part natural affinity and part hard-won skill-favors the lasting over the trendy.



From mixed-use to office, from retail build-outs to high performance buildings, we create bespoke experiences, shaping our designs to reflect your company values.



Industrial designs add a commercial value to a product. An organization increases the value of a product by introducing new features, improving the quality or makes them easier to use which in turn makes them a whole lot easier to sell. Hence, the marketability increases.



Hospitality is the design of service-oriented projects like hostels, bars, restaurants, lounges, and spas. Ideas of beauty, luxury,and relaxation are instrumental in hospitality design projects.



Institutional Construction encompasses the design, installation,and maintenance of all of the structural and mechanical components for a public Works, Healthcare, Educational or Recreational constuction project.


Group Housing

The broad objective of a housing programme is to create adequate supply of good dwelling for a variety of income groups and also providing an environment for habbitat. Large housing pojects are being planned in the urban centers in order to provide shelter to millions of inhabitants.