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” Designs that embrace
elegance, timelessness
simplicity, reality and
the nature above all “

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We in our studio works on various concepts related to sustainable/futuristic architecture, new trends in interior designs, furniture typology/design, furnishing/product, new technologies in building materials, temorary structures, exhibition pavilions etc.
The Robust Keep

The Robust Keep

Faithful to design philosophy, which often challenges the rules of geometry, SB has conceived Square, shape that play with contrasts between straight lines & dots.
Picturesque Facade

Picturesque Facade

Facades reflects the character and sole purpose of the building, also it must respond to the context and the environment.
Boutique Homes

Boutique Homes

The bespoke design services where a user oriented, tailor made, luxury residences are created with innovative design, sophistication and ambience.


Bedroom painted in light and soft shades provides a pristine portrait with minute detailing in furniture and elements.
Great architecture transcends style or trend. We are forward thinking young practice & we are really trying to build the practice of the future. Our work is inspired by our investment in the qualities of our client’s lifestyle and character of their sites. We respond to our client’s values in concert with the ecology, culture and history of their sites .
Blend of wood with greys and whites highlighting the nuances of led lighting and wooden details resembling a yarn sewing well.
Double height spaces are kept in to provide better interaction, air circulation and granduer above all.

Apartment 23

Welcoming Greens
Ambience is all what defines the usability of the space it makes the space formal or informal, this drawing room hence keeping the formality intact.
Studio Basic is a multidisciplinary design practice, here we involves the expertise from different backgrounds to get the best results for the client, us as practitioners and for the society itself, by creating a timeless state of the art example.
The colors like green and white retains the tranquility and sublimity of the space whether the space big or small.

Dhyanam Workspace

office int

Chaudhary's Residence


Textile Showroom

int office

Singh's Residence

elevation gzb

Yadav's Residence


Group Housing , Combodia